Bunker procurement solutions

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet your fuel needs effectively. We offer:

Bunker Management

We offer full or partial bunker management solutions for vessel owners, operators, and charterers. 

Bunker Trading

We use advanced procurement strategies and technological solutions for price and operational optimization. 

Port Optionality

In doubt of which port suits the voyage best? Book your stem with multiple port options, secure avails and price. Choose later which port suits your voyage.

Risk management

Risk Management

We provide risk assessment and mitigation strategies to safeguard your budgets and minimize market volatility impacts.

Market Analysis

Stay informed with our market analysis, price forecasting, and industry insights to make informed decisions.

Forward Prices

Secure your bunker costs on short, medium and long term. Combine this with our port optionality, if you are not sure about the port.

About us

At XPower Trading, we handle bunker procurement for vessel owners, operators and Charterers combined with competitive trading.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking fuel trading company with years of experience in the industry from physcial supply, trading, broking, bunker management.

We have developed extensive knowledge and networks to navigate the complexities of the global fuel market.

Why us?

Choose XPower Trading as your fuel partner for the following reasons: